“Those who do not fight can never win”,    We are offering legal advice to all clients throughout the Czech Republic in all branches of law including criminal, business, civil and family law. Our clients can be all those who are in need of legal advice regardless their background, nationality, political or religious believes or their social status. We provide legal services also for business corporations and real estate agencies. We also do not only give legal advice as an attorney at law but also as an assigned counsel ”ex offo”. We also defend victims of crimes. Everyone does have access to our legal services. In our services we are not bound to any working hours and we can offer legal advice 24/ 24 even on Sundays and public holidays. We also offer legal advice to clients speaking english. Should any trial be held in foreign country we are able to arrange legal advice by local attorneys. For any further information please contact us. Fortunately man is deficient. He is not made for justice- he only knows laws. Come and let us get you some advice. You are welcome anytime.